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List of anyone involved. Really just a guide as to who is best to email if you have questions, so please fill in the Experience box.





Patrick Stowell  p.stowell@sheffield.ac.uk  NEUT/NuWro/T2K's External XSec Data Fits

Raquel Castillo Fernandez 


Particle PID/Topology selection(CC0Pi, CC1Pi)/Single pion production XSec at T2K 

Clarence Wret c.wret14@imperial.ac.uk

NEUT, single pion interactions, T2K external x-sec data fits

Sara Bolognesi sara.bolognesi@cern.ch

T2K CC0pi cross-section

Luke Pickering lp208@ic.ac.uk Faffing with GiBUU/NuWro(/NEUT/GENIE)



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