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Tagged Samples

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Location of files
Additional notes
MiniBooNE QE nu
Box: https://pitt.box.com/s/40w6b5h4v1az0wow1st3u6r84g0mquqp https://pitt.box.com/s/l4tlddnnowjyh36dtskuck4uaeo7ypik
Publication: PRD 81, 092005 (2010)(arXiv:1002.2680
MiniBooNE 1pi nu

PRD 83, 052007 (2011)

MINERvA 1pi nu


T2K QE-like nu "CC0pi"

Box: https://app.box.com/files/0/f/8696973369/T2K_nu_CC0pi

(Also in this directory)

https://pitt.box.com/s/ey1s4xidkhq4n2x6oq5dlnr7psa7ywrm README

https://pitt.box.com/s/a15a90anumuovbo74cnnan3gy4a4bbr4 PDF

(PDF also in this directory)

Publication: http://arxiv.org/abs/1602.03652 accepted by PRD
T2K 1pi nu
    Official T2K result, no preprint yet


"Tagged samples" are MC files from each experiment with detector and/or selection information information. Also included can be generator truth information ("pass through"), specific to each one.

To access the files, request a Box account from Steve Dytman.

Additional samples prepared, but not considered:

Location of files
Additional notes
MiniBooNE QE nubar
MINERvA QE nubar



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